Sunday, 6 September 2009

NYX Nails (blue)

So, even though the contest is still going on, I just have to share this beautiful blue with you... As you probably don't know, blue is my absolute favorite color, but it's rare to find a blue that goes with my skin tone and doesn't look too bizarre... The polish I'm using this time is by NYX nails and it came in a set, but the part which tells the name of this polish has long since disappeared... If anyone knows the actual name of this polish, please comment! This is driving me nuts!!! Anyways, here's the polish...

This is such a pretty bottle... But it looks even better on... :)

In order to stop myself from raving about this polish for too long, I will move on to my ratings system... :)

FINISH: shimmer (but it's very slight)
COLOR: good!!!
WEARABLE-NESS: surprisingly good, for a blue... :)
HILTND: flawless!!!
This polish is a must have for any/all blue lovers...
As for next time, please vote, or I will be forced to use holographic glitter... :)
NEXT POLISH (unless enough people vote): Wet 'n' Wild Kaleidescope