Sunday, 6 September 2009


AND THE WINNER IS... My mom... Yeah, I'm actually not joking...

So, I will instead make this a democratic decision... Below you will see nine different nail polishes. Please vote on your favorite, and tell me why... If you can't decide (like I usually can't) you can pick up to three favorites...

As you can see, your options are: Wet 'n' Wild Kaleidoscope, Claire's Wacky Watermelon, Sally Hansen Fearless Fuschia, Mood Changing Plum To Red, Nina Ultra Pro Punki Purple, Unnamed Purple (the one in the small bottle with the white cap), Sinful Colors Swedish Blue, Sally Hansen Shooting Star, or NYX Nails (unnamed yellow green glitter/jelly).

Please vote, or I will subject you to even more ugly polishes... :)

And my next polish will still be the NYX Nails blue, unless it stops looking so good on my nails... :)


  1. unnamed purple is pretty powerful

  2. The NYX. That's what Kaitlyn and I did (just make sure to do it over an opaque white, Kaitlyn has some)

  3. I still prefer the pinks! What are you going to do if each of your followers votes for a different color? When's my free manicure?
    BTW, this is Lucy, I just dictated my message since I'm still working on the opposible thumbs. I'm thinking about prosthetics. Isn't the new medical technology amazing!

  4. hi there i saw ur blkog link through "painted tips" & i find ur blog interesting to read..anyways i like the Wet 'n' Wild Kaleidoscope, Sinful Colors Swedish Blue, & Nina Ultra Pro Punki Purple.. they were all my fave colors & i dont have those nail polish kind of brands specially the sinful & nina... how i wish i will have 1 of them someday to try it out...