Saturday, 5 September 2009


That's right, I've posted 20 polishes so far on my blog... AND I now have 7 followers... When did that happen?!

So, even though this wasn't too sucessful last time, I will have another contest... The prize is similar to what it was last time, and until someone wins my contest, the prize will not change... How's that for creativity? :)

Basically, the first person to comment on this post will get to choose either a color or a brand for my next manicure (from a wide variety of choices). And, if nobody comments, my sister will get to pick, as usual...

Please note, I will still post my beautiful blue NYX nails (taken on my NEW DIGITAL CAMERA!!!) but I'll do that later... :)

So, for now, enjoy... :)


  1. Love the pinks! What's your very favorite? Also love the manicures. Do you throw in a free manicure for commenting with the color of my choice?


  2. Hello! I'm so happy to see 8 followers, have you submitted to Brooke yet for her blog section? She is the reason for at least twenty of my followers!