Saturday, 29 August 2009

Beyond Perfect Poetic Peony

Here's another work appropriate color! That's right, another pink... :) This time it's a pastel color by beyond perfect, which I must confess I have never heard of... I just found it in my drawer, so it must be one of my sister's... lol :)

As you can see, it looks like a fairly classic pink, and the square bottle looks oh-so-elegant! Here's what it looked like on:

This is three coats, but no top coat. Two coats would have probably been enough, but the application was very uneven, some of my nails came out perfect and others looked like a mess... The color also looks more like bubble gum and less refined on my nails, but it could have just been how my cuticles were looking that day... :) Also, even though I reserved a sufficient amount of "drying" time, I got horrible dents in my nails without even trying. Even though it applied relatively thinly, it felt way too thick for this polish to do any good.

FINISH: very light shimmer (but it's still there)
APPLICATION: 1.25 (there was a lot of drag and the polish wasn't consistent)
COLOR: pretty good
HILTND: not consistent at all... some of my nails turned out gorgeous, and some of them had dents. However, none of my nails got sheet marks and tip wear is very slight...

Check back next time for a magenta-y color! Definitely NOT pink... :)

NEXT POLISH: L'oreal Steel Color Strong-Arm

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